Meet the Students!

Elon Students

Emily Collins

emily_vert (1)


Emily is a sophomore from Buffalo, NY. She is majoring in Acting and minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. During the summer of 2013, she traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland to perform in the International Fringe Theatre Festival. There she saw a play that remains one of the most powerful plays she has ever seen, entitled Nirbhaya, which was performed by a cast from India.



Haley Burniston



Haley is a senior accounting major and is excited to be working as a full time Assurance Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers next fall in New York City. She is from Maplewood, a small town right outside of the city in New Jersey. Haley is an avid foodie and loves trying interesting recipes and venturing to new restaurants.




Marlena Fernandez



Marlena is a junior engineering major with minors in applied mathematics and environmental science. She is from Accokeek, MD, not far from the capital city. She has lived in the same house her entire life. She also recently became an aunt!




Justin Brown



Justin is a sophomore religious studies major with minors in Jewish Studies and Women and Gender Studies. He is from Siler City, North Carolina, about 40 minutes away from Elon. Justin loves trying new food, especially anything containing a lot of sugar! He also has taken three different classes with Amy, which is bordering on Hindu obsession.




Claire Lockard



Claire is a junior from Louisville, Kentucky. She is majoring in philosophy and minoring in women’s and gender studies, and she hopes to be a professor of philosophy someday. Claire enjoys pointing out signs of the patriarchy, which is a great hobby to have because there’s never a time when there’s no patriarchy to identify. Also she hates getting dressed and would prefer to be in pajamas all the time.



Madeline Wise



Madeline is a junior from Dallas, Texas with a major in Biochemistry and a double minor in Neuroscience and Music. Madeline loves listening to indie-electronic music, eating food items that contain basil, and drinking large volumes of coffee.





Bailey Nugent



Bailey is a senior (who refuses to graduate) Religious Studies and Sport & Event Management major, from Vienna, VA. She would like to give a special S/O to her dad for FINALLY agreeing to let her go on this trip after 3.5 years of convincing and a 15 page proposal! She has Type 1 Diabetes and will most likely survive on a diet of naan, rice and the sugary donuts also known as Gulab Jamun.



Audrey Griffith



Audrey is a sophomore Anthropology and Creative Writing major with a minor in Women and Gender Studies from Pittsburgh, PA. Her interest in religion and feminism is fueling her excitement for the course! Her favorite word is cozy and she has a true coffee addiction and interest in cooking.




Emma Warman




Emma Warman is a camp counselor, resident assistant, and lover of all things happy. She comes from a family with three younger sisters and her favorite kind of night is under a cozy blanket with art supplies and a cup of tea. That being said, she loves people and adventure, and couldn’t be more excited to continue her world travels to South India with the India’s Identities group this January!


Jamie Morin




Jaime is a senior from Chapel Hill, NC. She is majoring in math and will graduate in May with a NC teaching license. Jaime was born in western Canada and has a strong passion for all things related to The Office and Harry Potter. She has never been to India or taken a religious studies course, and is incredibly excited to learn all that the country has to offer!


Nina Pryor



Nina is a Senior from New York City. She is majoring in Accounting and minoring in Finance. In her spare time she enjoys trying new recipes and eating at different restaurants.





Sarah Paterson




Sarah is a senior who can’t figure out whether her hometown is in Michigan or North Carolina but currently resides in Cary, NC. She is an English major with a concentration in Professional Writing and Rhetoric and minors in Creative Writing, Communications, and Political Science. Sarah is a big movie buff and can’t wait to visit the home of Bollywood!

Maryville Students

Kristin Kimberlain



Kristin Kimberlain is a junior from Knoxville, Tennessee who is majoring in Philosophy with a Religion minor. She would like everyone to know that she has an extensive collection of fuzzy socks and that she was born on Halloween.





Jordan Venditti



My name is Jordan Blu Venditti and I am currently a junior at Maryville College. My major is History with another major in Teacher Licensure. I also have a minor in English. With these I hope to be able to teach, whether in the US or elsewhere is up in the air. I currently live in Houston, Texas but I grew up in South Florida and moved about 4 years ago. I like to watch movies and doodle on scrap pieces of paper for fun. My name spelled backwards is Nadroj.



Tyler Jones



Tyler Jones is a Senior religious studies major with an international studies minor. Hailing from Lenoir City, Tennessee, not much is known about him save for the fact that one time while a work, a middle-aged woman said that he “looked like a mix between Adrian Brody and Jake Gyllenhaal,” so he’s got that going for him.




Emma Everett



Emma Everett is a sophomore at Maryville College. She is majoring in Marketing and is from Mississippi. She loves to spend time with her friends and enjoys her job as child care worker at Olympia Athletic Club in Maryville, Tennessee.




Virginia Johnson



Virginia is a sophomore from Mililani, Hawaii. She is majoring in Psychology with minors in Philosophy and Religion. She considers herself to be a seasoned veteran of the Netflix binge-watching world, and has seen many more hours of TV and film than she would care to admit.




Madeline Stinnett



Madeline Stinnett is from Knoxville, Tennessee and is a sophomore at Maryville College. She is double majoring in Religion and Political Science. Madeline works in the outdoors department of the Mast General Store in Knoxville and is obsessed with ICEEs and chai lattes.








Carter Habeeb



Carter Habeeb is a sophomore from Birmingham, AL. He is majoring in Religion and International Studies with a minor in Political Science. Carter studies Arabic and hopes to one day work in foreign conflict resolution. He also has an intense love for hippos.




Kelsey Hanko


Kelsey Hanko is a sophomore from Walland, Tennessee. She is majoring in Marketing and minoring in both design and psychology. Kelsey has always had a passion for horses and has been horseback riding since she was nine years old.


Hannah Morgan



Hannah Morgan is a Philosophy major from Memphis, Tennessee with minors in Sustainability and Outdoor Recreation. She eats an insane amount of desserts, doesn’t believe in popcorn, and has the ability to lick her elbow.





Maddie McGuire



Maddie McGuire is a junior from Springville, Alabama. She is a Math with Teacher Licensure major. Taylor Swift is her spirit animal.


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