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Welcome to the India’s Identities 2015 blog! Here, you can check to see what we are doing, check out our bios, and see the cool pictures we will probably take!





south_india_travel Map

For the geographically challenged, here’s a map of South India!

On our Winter Term course to Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we will encounter the diversity of contemporary Indian identities, devoting particular attention to religion, caste, and gender. We will interact and enter into a wide range of Indian religious spaces associated with Hindu, Jain, Muslim, Christian, and Jewish traditions and come into direct contact with Indians from an array of caste backgrounds, education levels, and occupations, allowing them to develop an informed appreciation of the diversity of the world’s largest democracy.  Through daily interactions with Indians who live and work in the Tamil Nadu and Kerala, we will consider the nature of religious identity and practice; explore cultural expectations regarding gender (including arranged and other forms of marriage); assess the ways in which caste does and does not matter in contemporary society; and analyze how tradition and modernity interact in this rapidly changing nation.

To prepare for this course, we, the Elon students, are taking a one credit hour prep course to provide some background on the wonderful country we will be visiting. In this course, we have read articles on gender, caste, and religion, all of which have given us more and more background and helpful information. Our Maryville friends are also learning a lot of background about India that they’ll need too!

Be sure to check the blog page for more posts about our adventures in India!

Brian and Amy in Cochin!

Our wonderful professors Brian and Amy in Cochin! Check out their bios here!


8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Shankar Narayanan

    Have a Great time. Be prepared for the simultaneous attack on all of your senses with the colors, noises, smells, tastes & heat all at once! I am sure it’ll be a positive cultural experience. Let me know if I can answer any questions before you embark!


  2. Elizabeth Griffith

    You’re all embarking on a real journey of discovery – discovery of a new culture and your reaction to it. You’re as well prepared as you can be – now enjoy, live in the moment, and give a little of yourselves. Welcome the unexpected encounters – and tell us all about it!


  3. Steve & Debbie Kotoris

    So glad that everyone got a little sleep. I am sure the excitement is very visible!! Thanks for the update. Can’t wait to hear more.


  4. Jerry omo Sr.

    Virginia J : Enjoy the experience and soak in all the culture that you can. be mindful of the traditions and seek understanding of their customs. It will be an awesome experience I am sure, and a once in a lifetime adventure.
    have a great time. Grandpa & grandma O


  5. Gwen Johnson

    Virginia, hope you have time to keep a journal of your trip and will share it with us. It is a trip to remember. Praying it will be a safe and happy one.



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